[ Overview ]

The 8th International Workshop on Reliable Engineering Computing (REC) is hosted by the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty at the University of Liverpool. The theme this time is on "Computing with Confidence", although contributions on efficient computing, imprecise probability and Bayesian methods are also welcome. Academic institutions, research organisations and industries are invited to contribute to the Workshop and to join in the discussions on needs and developments in the field.

Reliable Engineering Computing has emerged as a multi-disciplinary quality brand with this conference series, which has been hosted at Georgia Tech Savannah in 2004, 2006, and 2008, at the National University of Singapore in 2010, at Brno University of Technology in Brno, Czech Republic in 2012, and at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 2014. The REC-meetings provide a unique symbiosis of various engineering and associated disciplines with the kernel areas of Civil/Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics. Central issue of the discussions is the reliability of engineering computations. Cross-disciplinary advisements generate synergy and impulses of a new quality for research and development, as well as for innovative applications.

REC2018 is a fantastic opportunity for the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty to gather international experts in the field of Uncertainty Quantification and Risk Analysis and prove the importance of such topics in data science and engineering. Being able to trust computations and correctly analyse our data, even when the data come from imprecise measurements, has become a major issue in recent times. Industries both in Engineering and Data Science face this issue on a daily basis, therefore it is necessary to provide efficient in-hand tools to make good use of numeric computations.

The focus of this Workshop will be on industrial problems, and we very much welcome contributions that are directed to answer an industrial need. Theretical contributions from the broad Robust Byesian and non-parametric community are also welcome. As in previous coonferences, inputs from engineering, physical and environmental sciences, as well as health and biological sciences will be expected.

REC2018, with its unique multi-disciplinary character, provides an ideal platform to bring together a diverse group of experts and to achieve advancements in the field of Reliable Engineering Computing. The results of this conference will provide support for translation of Reliable Engineering Computing into general practice.