Risk in Medicine

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2nd Annual Risk in Medicine conference

The second Risk in Medicine conference will be held...

1st Annual Risk in Medicine conference

The Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty plans to expand its scope into applications in medicine and allied fields. Toward that end, we held an informal convocation with researchers in the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine and others within the Institute for Translational Medicine. The workshop was held in the grand and spacious Mandela Room in the Liverpool Student Guild on the morning of 2 October 2017, and included select informal talks from researchers in both risk science and personalized medicine, poster presentations about existing projects and ideas, and general open discussion about possible interactions between risk and medical researchers. Lunch was provided. The event was open to Liverpool students.


Background of the Risk Institute
John Mottershead, Institute for Risk and Uncertainty
Perspective from Personalised Medicine at the Wolfson Centre
Munir Pirmohamed, Wolfson Centre for Personalised medicine
Risk communication: risk of drinking alcogol in pregnancy
Kate Fleming, Institute of Psychology Health and Society
Diagnostic uncertainty in histopathology and what to do about it
Sarah Coupland, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology
What predictive accuracy do you need to introduce genetic testing for personalised medicine?
Ana Alfirevic, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology
Nosocomial Infections
Eintan Carrol, Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology
Robotics for Rehabilitation
Alex Diaz de la O, Institute for Risk and Uncertainty
Optimal design of testing algorithms
Scott Ferson, Institute for Risk and Uncertainty
Technology to make scientific use of medical records while maintaining patient privacy
Marco de Angelis, Institute for Risk and Uncertainty
Human centred design of healthcare
Farnaz Nickpour, School of Engineering
Ocular biomechanics
Ahmed Elsheikh, School of Engineering
Consent post Montgomery
Louis Clearkin, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease


Ganesh (Teja) Ala
Ana Alfirevic
Hirbod Assa
Siu-Kui (Ivan) Au
Anas Batou
Piyush Bhatia
Lorna Bryant
Paul Byrnes
Christine Campbell
Dan Carr
Enitan Carrol
Louis Clearkin
Sarah Couplan
Rachelle D'Sa
Marco De Angelis
Alex Diaz de la O
Ahmed Elsheikh
Scott Ferson
Kate Fleming
Alfredo Garbuno
Hindolo George-Williams
Pete Green
Adam Guinness
Anna Jenkins
Atousa Khodadadyan
Elpida Kontsioti
Osama Maklad
John Mottershead
Mollie Neason
Farnaz Nickpour
Amara (Ami) Nwosu
Uchenna Oparaji
Paolo Paoletti
Edoardo Patelli
Munir Pirmohamed
Duncan Robertson
Josie Roscoe