Institute for Risk and Uncertainty

Opportunities for academics

We welcome visiting researchers and opportunities to collaborate, including joint proposal ideas. To visit us or to explore other possible avenues of collaboration please contact If you would like to visit the Risk Institute, we can help with letters of support for your visa application, and we may be able to help you with your application to your local funding body.

Opportunities for industries, businesses and other organisations

The Risk Institute offers cutting-edge expertise and methodologies with which to quantify, mitigate, design for, and manage risk and uncertainty in many fields. Our multidisciplinary research team includes experts from architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, financial and actuarial mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering & electronics, economics and finance, social sciences and psychology. There is a great spectrum of avenues for your organisation to interact with the Risk Institute, find out more below or contact


The Risk Institute has experts in all aspects of risk analysis and uncertainty quantification, verification and validation, design or decision making under limiting or imprecise data, communication of risks or uncertainties, design of experiments, and other topics involving modelling and simulation. Our experts are available to work with you as consultants in a broad range of application areas.

The consultancy activities of the Risk Institute allow businesses access to world-leading research in computational methods, machine learning, applied probability and statistics, and data-driven decision making. The Risk Institute can offer free consultancy services for businesses and charities which can deliver targeted solutions meeting the stated mission of the Risk Institute, helping people and organisations create a safer world.

For further details on the Institute consultancy practice, or to discuss potential projects please contact


The Risk Institute has pioneered a format for bringing together academics and people from industry, business and NGOs to collaborate on real problems in workshops over one or a few days of intense interaction. It allows interaction without requiring an initial large commitment from industrial partners.

The workshop format provides opportunities for industry to gain access to UK excellence in the fields of uncertainty quantification, risk analysis, mathematics, statistics, engineering, and computer science. Industrialists present a challenge and work collaboratively over a three day period with academics from the Risk Institute and our partners from across the UK and Europe. This format has proven to be extremely successful proving ground in a number of cases and has led to on-going collaborations.

For further details on upcoming industrial workshops at the Institute please see here, or to arrange a study group with us contact


Research at the Risk Institute is focused on challenges facing industries and businesses today; this gives specific direction to our research. We have extensive experience in delivering high-impact, cutting-edge solutions to our partners. Our multidisciplinary team includes experts from architecture, engineering, health and life sciences, environmental sciences, financial and actuarial mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering and electronics, economics and finance, social sciences and psychology. This gives us a uniquely large pool of methodologies, tools and experience to tackle the issues of uncertainty, risk and resilience. The Risk Institute is currently delivering solutions in over a 100 separate industrial-supported projects. See the list of our research capabilities. To discuss opportunities, contact

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